• 5 Packing Tips To Make Your Life Easier

    I traveled a little in March and in April I'm heading to Augusta, GA and Charleston, SC as well as heading back to Texas twice in May.  My sister called me last week because she was heading to New ... Read More

    5 Packing Tips To Make Your Life Easier
  • Conservative Easter Dresses

    Dressing modestly is something I strongly believe in. I would consider myself an outcast in today's society. Looking through the media and ads there are so many inappropriate clothes for the younger ... Read More

    Conservative Easter Dresses
  • Palm Beach Sandal Giveaway

    It's almost sandal season! I've already gotten my first pedicure of the season and I am ready to rock open-toed shoes at even the thought of warmer weather. Palm Beach Sandals is one of my favorite ... Read More

    Palm Beach Sandal Giveaway