• Everlasting Joy + Planner Giveaway Winners

    I get a wide variety of emails in my inbox from people wanting to work together, everything from pregnancy supplements (even though I'm not pregnant) or my personal favorite the one I got today...a ... Read More

    Everlasting Joy + Planner Giveaway Winners
  • Planner Giveaway Final Day

    Wow! What an awesome week. From the response, you loved this giveaway! I am hoping to do more fun giveaways like this in 2018. I'd love to hear what you want in the comments below! But today is the ... Read More

    Planner Giveaway Final Day
  • Welcome Home, Beau!

    Our sweet puppy Beauregard (Beau) came home on Thursday, January 4th. Beau is a Cavalier King Charles with Blenheim coloring. He was the only boy in his litter and the runt. We got to bring him ... Read More

    Welcome Home, Beau!